bike of the weekend: Trek Superfly 9.8

Still waiting for some parts from R2 for my bike as the package stayed a couple of days extra as the customs so when Veloshop got a new demobike I saw the opportunity to go bid. Carbon 29er with full Shimano XT, DT wheels and Rock Shox SID RL fork seemed like a nice bike to try.

Did as usual when I’m coming home from work this week. Ate a sandwich, pumped the tires and changed clothes to go out riding 🙂 A bit later today as I helped a friend at work. Came a couple of hundred meters before I had to adjust the saddle. AX-Lightness Europa seatpost and Tune Komm-Vor saddle straight from my Cannondale Scalpel. A lot slacker seat angle on the Trek so had to adjust a bit. Then of to the closest forrest and riding trails like this:


Went a bit further north but just some gravel and wide tracks so turned back and headed for some enduro riding. Except the full gas uphill too 😉 Super fun to be back on a hardtail again. No matter how good a lock-out is a hardtail is stiffer. Standing and sprinten came to a complete new level again, so fun 🙂

Rode around a bit and tried to get a good time on a climb, but saw afterwards that it isn’t a segment 😦

Ended with a nice downhill I’ve done some times before. First time with Trek Remedy 27,5″ and it have to be the best time, managed to get up a ”wall”. Trek Fuel EX 29er was just to big and heavy to get up a part. So today going the same way with a 10,4kg hardtail I thought that it would be easy. Looking like this:


Coming down a little and then straight up this. Lifting the front wheel and then liften the rear wheel to get over the first rock that is straight up and not possible to pedal up. The rear wheel part went good with the Remedy but today I lost the grip the first time and slided backwards, had to jump of the bike. Tried once more but it wasn’t possible then either 😦 Too big wheels or is it the rear damper that makes it?

Found a tricky descend after this too, always went around on a singletrack that is nice but today I found a new line down a couple of tricky rocky drops. Really nice to dare to ride steep parts and nail them 😀

Maps (or spiderweb) and stats: Movescount

If you want to see a great XC course what I’ve heard. Here is a video from the first Norwegian XC Cup race on sunday:


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