3h mtb with 1 ice cream

Sunny weather and all planned for today was to collect a little package at the mail office. Perfect to start the day with riding some mtb with some strong riders. Along the coast (or something like that) out to the talked about Esso forrest. up to Horten and a stop that included an ice cream for me.

Then a bit after in Horten it was stop to fix a dropping seatbag and I took a picture on the others:


29ers all the way and I can understand why. A lot of gravel today, except some technical trails where a 27,5 fs would be perfect to get around all turns and over all roots smooth.

Was a bit to high pace for me so felt like I was missing some muscles. Some gravel roads up on Hortensmarka and back home on asphalt first and then on a nice singletrack where it was really muddy last time I rode there. So much nicer when it’s dry 🙂

Home after 3h1min effective time, 3h7min on my watch and with tired legs. The rest of my day will be soft, that’s for sure 😉

Map and stats: Movescount


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