Broken QR=no mtb

First my plan was to ride my bike properly today after work, then it was 5° and a little rain when I came home and my motivation wasn’t on top. Fixed my bike with Lefty and some small things yesterday so just checked the pressure in my fork and pumped my tires before I could ride. Ended with a plan to at least go out and try the bike before tomorrows race.

Rode up the hill behind my house and took a green photo in the forrest:


Rode a new singletrack that just was a dead end. Then I met some riders from Tønsberg Ck and Peder asked if I wanted to join. Turned around to catch them but then my rear wheel got loose. Not as bad as the leader on mondays training but didn’t feel so good. Scratched the frame on the drive side with the wheel/QR and didn’t really found the issue then. Except that something was wrong and it was the hub or QR. Talked to Peder and watched them end the training. Rolled easy back home but the rear wheel wasn’t inline.

Ended with that the carbon fibre in the QRaxle had splitted so have to change it.

Otherwise Lefty is super, was a bit soft so need some more PSI but what a fork. So pump the fork and change QR for tomorrow.


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