Hadeland GP + Ringerike GP

Has been working with Team Joker this weekend and didn’t have motivation or time to blog so much so mostly Twitter/Instagram. But now I’m back home after a good weekend. Saturdays race wasn’t so good for us but it still ended with a 4th place.

1. Rasmus Guldhammar – Team Trefor – Blue Water

2. Lasse Bøchmann – Cult Energy Vital Water

3. Michael Olsson – Team Ringeriks – Kraft

4. Odd Christian Eiking – Team Joker

with a long steep climb to the finish. All results here: Hadeland GP

Today it was Ringerike GP, that Reidar Borgersen from Team Joker won last year. Another race this year and I thought Team Joker did a great job through the race except in the end. Jo in a breakaway with 10 others first, then alone. Edvin and Oscar setting up the race and then Philip helping Kristoffer to get up to the first riders in the Riperbakke climb that they where doing 5 times. Last time Kristoffer Skjerping still looked good in the front:


Odd also in that group that became smaller. Something happened in the last straight and Skjerping who is a really quick sprint didn’t manage to get to the first guys.

1. Magnus Cort Nielsen – Cult Energy Vital Water

2. Sven Erik Bystrøm – Team Öster Hus – Ridley

3. Kristoffer Skjerping – Team Joker

4. Rasmus Mygind – Team Trefor – Blue Water

5. Odd Christian Eiking – Team Joker

All results: Ringerike GP


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