when motivation wasn’t on top

Today walking from work I thought of skip today mtb training as it was raining a little and should be really wet. same as last thursday which was the last time I rode my bike. Coming home I thought that I can join for an hour and ride home afterwards. So stressed with changing clothes, changing QR to BBB with allen key so sits tight, tighten the headset and adjusting the gears. Was a bit stressed to the training too but what a start.

Joined the fast group today but it wasn’t as fast as I thought. Had no problems to follow them and my bike was like a dream except in mud. 29ers rules in mud. But a quick 27,5″ hardtail with a Lefty XLR and Sram XX1. Can’t be more fun XC, can it? The bike is so fast and you got the control and can do whatever you want. I’ve learned my Racing Ralph tires too so know how they react. Was just really fun, especially on singletrack and I even felt fast on the climbs. Love it! 😀

1h passed, 1h40m came and I was faded a bit as I only drank some lemonade before I left home and didn’t eat anything between 14.30 and 19.40. But managed to stay on the wheels and have fun on some singletrack, not even sure someone noticed. In the last part there was some attacking and I sprinted to try to catch but then my energy was gone and I rode alone back to the meeting place Velotel. A couple of hundred meters. Talked a bit and then left to home.

2h17min my watch stopped at 😉 And then, after washing bikes half day at work it looked like this in my garden:


So washed that too before I went up and took a shower. Now it feels in my hole body that I trained today. Legs, arms, back. Such a good feeling 😉

Map and stats: Movescount



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