easy spin in the sun

Like always there is coming customers the last minutes, how come it’s always like that? Sold a bike on overtime with fenders, luggage carrier and bike stand, and two helmets. And then helping a guy for Tour of Norway next week, had to take a longer way home too as it was an accident on the motorway.

Late home and my plan of a couple of hours roadbiking on nice roads almost changed to nothing at all. But my roadbike is collecting dust and it was sunny outside so had to get out 😉 Rode a little more than an hour so boring regular road up to Åsgårdstrand and along the coast on the way back. Riding a bike and watching out over the ocean in sun is always nice:

IMG_20140514_191953 IMG_20140514_192010

Would be nice with a cycling vacation with someone and ride on small roads along the coast from Gothenburg to Strömstad in Sweden 🙂 Small towns, boats, sun, sea, sea, ice cream and just enjoying. Until that this will do,


Map and stats: Movescount

Let’s hope the weather stays good as it’s raceday tomorrow 😀 next Giant Cup and even when I’m not fast or there is a category for me I love racing.


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