Giant Cup #5

Sunny yesterday and today when should race it began to rain after I left work. But stopped before I even made it to the course. Okey weather, okey temperature, super bike, boring muddy course.

Started on asphalt, continued on a wide trail with sticky mud going slightly uphill for a long time, a break in the middle riding over some very sharp stones where one in my start got a puncture on the first lap. Was some smaller riders who punctured both wheels too. Then a technical climb as it had many small fist sized stones, worthless. a nice singletrack and down to a new steep climb with big rocks so I think everyone walked/ran up there. Some meters rideable and then next rocky climb that wasn’t rideable. A technical downhill which was pretty good and a working uphill before crossing a small river. On to a forest road, of course muddy down with a couple of chicanes before back to the start/finish that was on grass.

Too much sharp small stones, even I thought I had a puncture on the second lap but worked to ride on. On the third lap at the first non rideable climb (for me) I checked the pressure and it was fine, just a flat feeling 🙂 Even if it was faster than last week and my bike worked like it should I missed last weeks course.

5 laps, 10km, 55min for me, the winner won on 37min44sec.

Next race in Konnerud 5th june so not missing any race when I work for Team Joker at Tour of Norway and Tour de Fjords. win-win 🙂 Love racing no matter if I’m mechanic, watching or ride myself (best in that order).

Map and stats from today: Movescount


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