Shimano XTR Di2 9050

Shimano has released their new electronic groupset for mtb:

Available as 1×11, 2×11 or 3×11 gearing with a 11-40T cassette. Just like normal new XTR 9000.

The parts is a rear and front derailleur as for road. A battery mount to hold the seatpostbattery as it’s harder to integrate a battery on a mtb. Then you got a display showing gearing, battery and suspension setting if it’s used together with FOX Di2 dampers.

The biggest new thing is the lever:

No matter how many chainrings you have in front you only need one lever. It has a synchronized gearing so calculate if it needs to change in front, rear or both to come to next gear. The system gives standard 15 gears with 3×11 and 13 gears with 2×11. If you don’t like the standard configuration you can change it in the E-Tube program on your computer. Pretty cool but how good it is I don’t know.

Another cool thing is that PRO is coming with handlebars and stems made for Di2 so junctionbox inside the stem and cables inside the handlebar. Clean.


Front derailleur for 2×11: 117g

Rear derailleur: 289g long cage

Lever: 64g/lever



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