Vertical trail riding

Met the nice mailman today at work that asked if I didn’t work every day. Maybe had missed me? 😉 Got a nice package from my friend Pierre with maybe the best XC gloves. One pair of GripGrab Vertical and one pair of Racing. Vertical today:

IMG_20140603_173743 IMG_20140603_173751

Tight fit, no adjustments, great grip and works on a smartphone. Extra feature is that they got a magnet inside so you can have the gloves together like on the last picture. Cool feature I’ve never thought about before.

Out to Nøtterøy today and up Vardås:


Rode one ride down first that was really slippery. So dry in the forrest now and then waited for the others on the top. Joachim had lost his phone so borrowed mine and rode to find out so me and Peder started Peder’s Strava KOM ride. Rode nice trails and full speed on some. Really nice. Met up with Joachim after he found his phone and Sebastian for the last part. More KOM discussions and racing. My hardtail is great but a AM full suspension with some bigger tires would be better I think 😉

Anyway, my dropper post ruled, not as good as a Reverb but good enough and really nice to use. Worked great with the mounting on the handlebar too.

No KOM’s for me but a second place and some good results and great training. Map and stats: Movescount


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