I had a Grammo

Been in Sweden over the weekend and enjoying life instead of sitting at a computer and blog. But back now. Thought of riding long on my roadbike today didn’t got any company so changed my mind.

Trailriding with Joachim and a couple of others outside Drammen instead. The Slash is at another but Joachim said my Grammo would work there. So he picked me up at 9 and we lefty. Started the ride with riding lost as the GPS didn’t wanted us to go where we wanted. But finally we won over it and found some great trails. My Grammo worked pretty well but wasn’t as fast as the others with full suspension bikes on the downhills. Great trails but was a bit strange to be back with 70° fork angle and 95mm stem compared to 65° fork angle and 40mm stem 😉

On a fast descend I hit a tree but saved my flight with my left foot first, but had to jump once more as I came so fast. Nothing big so rode on and didn’t think about that more than some laughing. Ended with a nice downhill I forgot to start my watch to record 😦 After ride picture instead:


Had to wait for the others while they drove and got the other car. Trail so don’t want to ride too much uphill 😉

Map and stats of what I got: Movescount

Then the bad part which made todays headline. I broke my frame in the crash:



Smashed seatstay. On top looking irl you see the carbon sticking out. So seems like I have to get a new frame/bike. 650b trailbike is on my mind.



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