Slash’ing in Årbogen, Krokstadelva

I choosed between cleaning my apartment and mounting my SuperX and a super ride with great people and a Trek Slash. Easy to decide 😀

Stressed when I came home from work and forgot the right stem as it was another guy riding the Slash last weekend  so a bit long stem today but worked fine. Didn’t have time to check the tirepressure either except feeling that it was okey.

First we where 4 people as one forgot his shoes. Rode a couple of nice descents, first was a bit tight for my 750mm bar but really nice. Then a nice uphill where I didn’t thought it would be possible to ride with a over 14kg 160mm Slash. But it was just to pedal and it floated up perfectly, really nice. Me and Alexander on a Scott Genius was the riders. Then Joachim and Joachim 😉 on a Cannondale Trigger 29er and Trek Slash 7 walking.

Got Happy Ending after that, a really fast nice descend and then we met the 5th guy. Rode down a really nice descend and back up a big trail. Rocky and steep but my Slash did pretty good until the end, so tired so had to step off 😦 No one managed that climb. Happy Ending again and the same nice descend.

Then the trail it was all talking about. First a while climbing on a gravel road, then a while on forest road and ended with some nice singletrack. Ended with a view like this:


The weather wasn’t on top but worked. After that it was a really really steep descend. Technical in the beginning made me take some Slashways (straight down) and in the end just hang on the brakes and keep your body as far back as possible.

The bike was super today, just smash it and the bike loved it. Push it a bit more and the frame and Pike just ate everything like grass. Me and Joachim ended the hole ride with one of the best descends for the third time. A bit wet with a drop the others side. We didn’t understood as the bike just flew out and and ate the drop like it was gravel 😀 Don’t think Trek Slash knows it’s limits 😉

It was even loved by sheeps that here is finished with the love and continues their walk:


Map and stats: Movescount

If you don’t understand what I talked about, the norwegian MTB Magazine Terrengsykkel tested some bikes on these trails. Video here: Terrengsykkel



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