Remedy part2, the start



Every bike build for me should start like this. Frameset without rear axle. Axles:

Fox 15mm Trek 12x142

Anyone know if you can change the rear axle for something lighter? Front is Fox and I know it can be a lot lighter 🙂

My fork with crown race that I thought should be a bit less. Fox Float 34:

Fox Float 34 140mm

A stem way to long. Anyone want to buy a Bontrager Rhytyhm PRO 80mm stem? And which one should I get instead in 60-65mm?

Bontrager Rhythm Pro 80mm

My Bontrager RL 750mm straight handlebar. Have to be changed too, tips of a light good bar around 750mm. Tips?

Bontrager RL 750mm

Already changed are the tires. Now Continental X-King 2,4″ RaceSport, impressed weight:

Conti Xking 27-2,4 2 Conti XKing 27-2,4

On a wheelset okey in this category but will be used for mud in the end and I will get a supernice lighter wheelset:

Bontrager Rhythm comp rear Bontrager Rhythm Comp front

Maybe saving some weight changing the freehub too, didn’t have time for that yesterday. Final weight of my AMbike will be a couple of hundred grams over 11kg. Would be okay 😀


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