GT Grade

Rode with Joachim on Tjøme today. A lot of low mountains and oceanview. But I wasn’t there, was in another world, lacked the enthusiasm and gave up to fast on difficult section. so instead lets focus on the news.

GT Bicycles that knows of tradition with their Triple Triangle have produced a new roadbike with disc brakes. Gravel racer like some says. Grade with a carbon frame:

GT Grade

Looks pretty cool with thru axle on front on the higher models. Some years ago it was up that some brands produced cheap carbon frames in glass fibre instead. Glass fibre flexes more. GT thought of this and have made the seatstays in Glass fibre (performs like low mod carbon fibre) to flex better. Covered with carbon fibre for protection.

PF30 bottom bracket.

965g for a 56, pretty light for this type of frame.

Also seen on the picture is NoTubes new Grail road rims.



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