Norwegian Championships, U23

Been away this weekend to work at the first National races her in Norway. Men and Women Junior and Men U23 races. We in Team Joker had 3 riders in U23. A bit special as I was the only mechanic for first time, and we had a jersey to get once again after Kristoffer Skjerping won last year. Team Joker have won the U23 race every second year in 10 years.

Great weekend without problems and really good people 🙂 Sadly we missed the win but we where there and Odd, a.k.a SuperOdd was in a breakaway at the end with two other continental team riders and with 800m to go I really thought that they should be the top 3. The bunch was really close and Sondre Holst Enger sprinted faster and even passed his teammate:


1. Sondre Holst Enger – Team Sparebanken Sør

2. Andreas Erland – Team Sparebanken Sør

3. Oscar Galta – Øster Hus-Ridley

4. Odd Christian Eiking – Team Joker

10. Kristoffer Skjerping – Team Joker

But nice without any problems and with riders racing and not just sitting there or feeling sick or out of shape 🙂

Now back in normal life until wednesday when we go back up. Time Trial on thursday, Criterium on friday and then the Elite races on sunday 🙂



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