XC with 140mm?

Today I started to do what I didn’t know if my Remedy was any good at. Riding on fast asphalt and easy fast singletracks together with people with 29er hardtail and big gears.

Rode with such a guy today on such places. Not the fastest guy so was great in speed and when it became a bit more technical my smile came too. It works to ride on easy singletrack too if I learn to ride a fs for real. Just sit and pedal and the bike does the rest.

The bike just swallows everything and it feels just right in matter of type and amount of damping. Will be interesting to try it better on Nøtterøy or somewhere else with more downhills. Tried this for second time with my bike today to:

Managed it again today. So good when you know you manage something for real and learn how to do it proper😀 Celebrated with a steep section down afterwards just to get use of my dropper post😉

Ending with 2 pictures of myself. Today with my new Club clothes from CK Færder from Bioracer:


2 thoughts on “XC with 140mm?

  1. Hej Jonas,
    Kul att läsa om din Remedy ! Jag tränar numera själv på en Remedy 9.8 27,5. Har bantat den till 11,0 kg och kör mycket distansträning på den. Fungerar utmärkt på både asfalt och grusväg. Kör XC-däck på Novatec hjul. Den trevligadte cykel jag åkt på !
    Vi ses kanske i sommar om du är hemma i Sverige ?

    • Hörde det av Micke med. Hårt när jag hörde den var så lätt😉 Bilder och spec på den någonstans? Ses säkert i sommar, är i Sverige under SMveckan så ses väl på SM?


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