The Norwegian National Road Championships

Have been away from wednesday until today to work at the National Road Championships here in Norway. A event that been both with ups and downs. The downs is about 4th places and the ups about winning.

While I wasn’t there Odd Christian Eiking rode with Bergen CK in Team Time Trial and took a bronze.

On thursday, the big Time Trial day with very late start we hoped for a medal or two with our  Reidar Borgersen and Oskar Svendsen. Top riders and Reidar Borgersen felt the pressure extra as Edvald Boasson Hagen wasn’t there and he started last. With a newly mounted SRM crankset and being on the podium last years he knew what it took. And it couldn’t be better than it became. He WON with 1.12 over the second rider, super fun and that proves that development and aerolove is worth it 😀 Oskar Svendsen got 4th with a great ride.

Friday it was Criterium (why do they have that on Nationals?) and we didn’t have the highest ambitions as we only started with 2 riders. But 2 very good riders and when the race broke into pieces we where there and they did a pretty good race even with Øster Hus-Ridley’s 9 riders showing that they should win and took the hole podium.

Yesterday it was the big day. The day when you see riders like Vegard Breen, Lars Petter Nordhaug, Alexander Kristoff and Vegard Stake Laengen come to Norway for just one race one day. But we had Odd that came 4th last week and Reidar that won on thursday.

One rider that knew the course and was in really good shape, one rider that could put on such pressure that the rest just stops. Add 4 other really good riders that all knew what they are capable of.

Was a really interesting race and good to watch except maybe the last meters. Was a breakaway in the end with Odd Christian Eiking, Vegard Breen, Filip Eidsheim and 2 Øster hus riders. Some attacks, some that didn’t want to sit in the front and a big mess. Before last corner the champ Reidar Borgersen caught them and put up the speed a lot. So it ended in a small sprint without a Team Joker win. But Odd that came 4th last road race ended 3rd and is to be known as #superOdd

1. Tormod Hausken Jacobsen – Team Øster Hus-Ridley

2. Filip Eidsheim – Team

3. Odd Christian Eiking – Team Joker

4. Vegard Breen – Lotto Belisol

5. Frederik Strand Galta – Team Øster Hus-Ridley

6. Reidar Borgersen – Team Joker

Well ridden by the hole team and well raced. A pic from the climb:


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