3h to 2h13min = fast bike?

My bike is aero, my bike is fast, my bike got Campagnolo, my bike got a Clavicula crank.

I planned a 3h ride. changed for a bit longer when I was on my way back home and came home after 2h and 13min. My body isn’t in good shape so have to be the bike 😉

Or that everything is so close here. Had great tailwind or no wind up to Horten. Passed Horten and going towards road 35 in great weather with ocean view:

Was happy:

And then the wind came. Headwind, uphills, crosswind and big fields not slowing the wind down. Survived but maybe a bit too hard riding. When I came to road 35 and steerer towards home it was more wind. First 10min headwind on a flat road on a open field until I came to Revetal. Afterwards the road still was boring but some small turns and ups and downs. Turned towards Ramnes to get rid of some wind. Ended up with headwind and uphill, hmm.

My bike didn’t care, it just kept on. Even got me thinking that I maybe should keep it instead of changing to an older bike, hmm. Rode a bit easier than usual from Sem and came home in sunshine.

Great soloride after work anyway and the bike was funny afterwards. Was taking the bottles out and I lift the bike while trying to get both out the same time. Light bike or strong bottle cages? 😉

Map and stats: Movescount


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