2,5 hour lovely Remedy

Everytime I get on my Remedy I’m like a child on Christmas, the bike just begs to have fun. A XCbike is great if you go fast and take right lines and stay on the ground. My bike want go fast, over everything but not decided if it like to be in the air or on the ground 😉

Rode with Tønsberg CK today on an easy ride with some fast climbs. Had a guy with Continentals new Speed King tires that had som crashes, a puncture and problem slipping. Wrong tires to use in the forest. My X-King was a bit slippy too but today I knew about it and with some flow it works pretty well over wet roots and rocks 🙂

Got guided to a new singletrack, flat with many roots, many turns and many small bridges. Really nice singletrack that reminded my about the singletrack around Mjögasjön link that I’m planning to ride on sunday.

A lot of gravel and asphalt today too but good tempo so didn’t have any problems to follow the hardtail 29er riders 🙂

Map and stats: Movescount

And ending with a nice picture from Bukkerittet:

Bukkerittet 2014


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