Tune’d my Remedy

My bike is really good but not so light. Last mtb I had was at 8,5kg. My Trek Remedy was 11,95 yesterday. Big difference. And just a Tune saddle.

So today I mounted a new lighter 15mm axle in front:

A 60mm Tune Geiles Teil 4.0 stem, much better for me than the 80mm that came original:

Topped it with a superlight Tune Türnstange handlebar. 750mm with 15mm rise (felt better and more Enduro) that should be around 120g so saved over 250g on just the handlebar 🙂

Next up is wheels and maybe fork, and then we’lll see. Seems a bit hard to get it lighter. Made it a bit heavier too, had some strange sounds from the rear yesterday and I saw why when I washed it today, 3 bolts for the rotor was loose and 3 was missing. Should always use some loctite on those. Until I come home I got this big bolts from my dad 😉

Thinking of getting some lighter rotors too. Any suggestions on what to get? 180mm in front and 160mm in rear.


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