Feels like every time I write an blogpost where I’ve been cycling it’s like a comeback 😉 So today I focus on other things. I don’t have a front derailleur on my bike, I don’t have a lot of settings on my fork. So easy and so good. Really loved trying my DT fork today with just one open and one closed on the fork, + rebound. Last fork had Climb-Trail (with 3 adjustments)-Descend. A lot of turning, now it’s just open or almost closed.

After have had a cold since Eurobike and not been riding since before that it was a bit hard today. But really fun with a couple of friends and one new guy we rode some new and some old tracks in Barkåker. 3 Giant 29er and me on Trek 27,5 😉

Pål lead us to real loose stone descend that ended like this:

And with me too, yellow today:

Had to try to ride back up after the pictures and found the right way again. A short while afterwards we rode a fast but really nice singletrack on the way back. Was a bit hard in the end after not riding for a while but really nice to ride mtb with friends 😀

2h result you can find here: Movescount

Now I have to go to bed soon so I don’t miss Cross Vegas tomorrow morning 🙂


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