riding the Super bike

After a slow day at work I had to ride for a bit. Only ride this week as a I fly against France tomorrow and a super weekend with Team Joker. Last race weekend for 2014. Feels a bit strange in a way.

So today I was out riding my CX and trying the new tires. Impressed by a pair of 33mm tires can feel so comfy and supply riding over roots, rocks and still feels super fast on gravel. Bike was great today and it was 6,82kg when I checked. Looking like this:

Me out trying out some great tracks. good place for a cx here:

colorfull today:

With roadshoes so no running but some technical riding so not the fastest ride. Some sprints too but I got some problem with the engine, not as strong as the bike 😉

Map and stats from today: Movescount

Would love to have someone to ride with, was great training last year on our CXcourse in Bergen.


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