Chrono des Nations and CX-Cup Bærum

The biggest first. For the first time in 8 years a continental rider gets on the podium at the time trial Chrono des Nations in France that was finished an hour ago. That rider is Reidar Borgersen, racing for Team Joker 😀


1. Sylvain Chavanel

2. Jérémy Roy

3. Reidar Borgersen

Click on the image to see it bigger.

Earlier today I was racing my last race living in Norway and probably last CX race of the season. Bærumskrossen. Great weather but with a lot of sticky mud, looked like this afterwards:


Ended 7th of 10 today.

Lene Byberg came and won Women elite.

Here is some pictures from men elite who was won by Fredrik Haraldseth.

the arena:

Team Joker’s Truls Engen Korsæth:

use of a tree:

a Lillehammerrider with a Cyfac CX:

dangerous downhill in mud:

the climb today, would be cool to have stairs there 😉

Riders going around and round and round and…

Haraldseth carrying his Crux up:

Korsæth not liking the climb 😉

Ringrike rider with a SuperX:

this guy was really fast up here, is the Evade making difference even running?

Henrik Alpers with his Black Cannondale SuperX:

Fredrik Haraldseth winning:


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