Wilier or Guerciotti CX? or same-same?

The good thing buying a bike from a good bike company is that there isn’t any other brands with the same frame. It’s not like you find a Specialized Tarmac with for example Fuji on, if you find a frame looking the same it’s a unlegal copy.

But with smaller companies just buying a frame and puts their sticker on you can find copies. Here we have a girl riding a Wilier CX last sunday in Valkenburg:


But she isn’t alone riding that frame, Sophie de Boer and some others are riding Guerciotti Lembeek which to me seems to be the same frame:


Has Wilier just got the same frame as the CX company Guerciotti or is it opposite?

1 tanke på “Wilier or Guerciotti CX? or same-same?

  1. Not just smaller brands, the Bianchi Zolder is based on an open mold as well. Exact same frame is available from multiple brands.


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