Bike of the year

There are some bikes that are better than others. Liteville 301 for example, really understated bike. Or when I first saw the spec on Cannondale Trigger Team 27,5″, superbike but when I tried it a little inside a store it just felt wront (tried a cheaper version).

A bike that has been fun is my Trek Remedy 27,5″. Until I was in Kristiansand and tried 2015 model of Trek Remedy 9 29″, felt so much better 😦 Rolled fast over everything, climbed better than a goat and descended like you want an endurobike should do, so great in every way and a spec that is all trhough good.

Never ridden a better Full suspension bike, but used better tires 😉

So a 2015 bike is bike of the year 2014? Yes, it came this year 😉

Reason why I came up with this post is the bike that made me hate and laugh today. Specialized Diverge Expert Carbon. Gravel racers, space for big tires (comes with 30mm), space for fenders (took some time to mount the first set) disc brakes, carbon frame, Shimano Ultegra. Had 2-3 people coming in to the store I’m working in today and looking for a bike, thought of the CX Crux but when saying what they should use it for it always ended with a Diverge 😉 Some would say it’s a commuter, some would say a rainbike, some would say a high end road winderbike. No matter what you say it’s the bike:


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