Yolande, Espresso and great people

Some things are just a bit better. Specialized have thought about where they put the holes to carry their bike boxes in a smart way, really lives up to their slogan ”Innovate or die”.

Coffee record today too I think. 2 espresso at work and then I went to a new store in Stockholm. Bonne Mécanique. As you maybe know I really like Café du Cycliste clothes, stylish, well made, smart functions and suits me better than Rapha. And when you can try something in a store rather than ordering only and get some tips from good people, then you got me :). So much nicer to buy things in a store than on internet. Ended up with a green Yolande long sleeve jersey:

And after a bit of talking I also got a nice espresso and a biscotti after their closing time 🙂 And a box of todays tomato soup. Lucky day 🙂

And tomorrow it can be your lucky day. I will sell a bit of my bike parts I have laying around. Will put up a blogpost about it tomorrow. Think carbon, chainrings and small parts.


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