Allez Allez

Today I found the roadframe for me, it had to be ordered for me. A Specialized Tarmac Nibali limited edition in black and yellow in size 52. But a Tarmac is expensive and I agree in some way with my dad that say I shouldn’t spend money on bikes and save instead. So today my new budget frame came. The cheapest roadbike frame I have ever bought, and also the lightest I’ve had in Alu. A Specialized Allez in Multi Keyline size 52.

But you can’t see how light it is on that picture, better like this:

And the scale showing (no table touching):

11g lighter than my Cannondale caad10 i had in size 50 😀

But with a heavier fork, here uncut:

Also got a headset with a changed topcap, 20mm alu is not looking good enough for this:

So now starts the progress to build a cheap roadbike that looks good, feels good and rides like a dream 🙂

The seatpost that came with it is to heavy to show, felt like it was made of iron.

Is possible to look at it and order one for yourself from Specialized Concept Store in Stockholm.


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