dropped in a forest

When working in a store winter time in Sweden/Norway makes it hard to find motivation to ride after work. Much easier before work if you got someone to ride with. Yesterday I borrowed a light from work and today Le Peloton was the plan. 1 hour groupride with full speed and a coffee/breakfast at Café Lemond afterwards.

Rode there and joined today, started okey but then it became harder to find the road as the guy in front of me didn’t have proper light and. Johan passed with a good light and my plan today was to ride with him, shouldn’t be to hard I thought. But without knowing corners and not being so strong on the flat sucking gravel/sand roads made it hard after a while. Got dropped and took the wrong way in the middle of nowhere.

Checked my phone, steered towards the traffic and thought of just going home. But took a longer route back to Sickla as I was out training and should do the best out of the situation. Hard to get dropped/lost but it’s easier to learn where you are and how to find roads and get to know this place easier than just follow a wheel.

Back home wet by the mist:

Café du cycliste all the way today 🙂 Really nice.

Map and stats of my ride: Movescount


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