The post you all waited for

Sorry that I didn’t wrote anything yesterday but have missed a bit too. Not so many pictures and media coverage of the Swedish National Cyclocross Championships this year what I’ve seen. But yesterday it was the biggest CX race of 2014/2015 season in Sweden, in Gothenburg.

Ida Jansson won the womens race:

2nd Åsa Erlandsson and 3rd Ida Erngren.

The mens race was won by a guy who could keep the tubulars on the rims, Fredrik Edin:

2nd David Eriksson and 3rd Mikael Flockhart

Today it was the last race in the Swedish CX Cup with Åsa Erlandsson and Fredrik Edin as winners.

I’ve been at the cycling fair Sweden Bike Expo and met famous people. Happy to know the fastest swedes that also are very kind 🙂 Also heard about a new bike, the coolest mtbikers, watched some great clothing and got the thought ”Is there nothing new here?”.


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