What a ride today :D

First mtb ride with a Specialized Enduro 29er and first time mtb in Stockholm. 2 Enduro, 1 Camber, 1 Epic and one Crescent 29er HT. 3 S-works. Sprint against a Epic S-works World Cup with an Enduro Elite was hard, felt like the Epic had an engine and just flew away, so fast.

But we rode some technical trails and it was super fun with the Enduro Elite with proper tires. No matter how the trail looks like you can get flow and always ride with a smile on your face. Even on wet roots and in the mud I usually have a problem with. Always thought 29er is better in mud as it doesn’t sink as deep and when you got 155-160mm travel bike on that it can eat everything 😀

Just aim, shoot and believe that you can do it. Worked almost every time. Here Jessica is showing the almost:

Awesome ride, awesome people, awesome bike and great weather 😀 Hard to have it better. The fun group of today except Jonas who stood behind the camera:

Map and stats with around 50min missing: Movescount

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