Enjoying the Enduro again

Took a ride before work today, started pretty good and found the same rocky and rooty trail as yesterday.

But after a while I thought of taking a shorter way to get to work in time. Rode a bit wrong and ended going back for a while and then asphalt back to the city. Not so awesome to puch asphalt with a Specialized Enduro but went pretty fast 😉 13min later to work than planned. Better luck next time.

So a selfie before riding wrong:

Wasn’t as fun riding alone as yesterday with friends. My clock missed a bit today too, sad but that’s how it is. And now the syncing isn’t work so no map yet 😦

It’s a bit funny that the Enduro I’ve been riding has 5mm shorter chainstays than my old Trek Remedy 27,5″ had. Bigger wheels, more travel but tighter 😉 And the Enduro just got 8mm longer wheelbase. Understandable that it’s so easy to move around 🙂


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