Le Peloton with breakfast

New wednesday, new Le Peloton in the middle on the night (6am). Around 0° today so pretty cold but felt okay and was able to ride with the fast guys for a bit longer time than last week. 🙂 But it got colder and my hands became really cold for a while in the middle. Waited for Johan who didn’t feel so good to find the way. Got company by Marika and Karro(?) (without light) and turned around to ride the same length in time as the others. Great ride and in the end Johan came back up, me and Marika had a position fight in a tight turn and climb, nice and good technical training.

Ended up at bikecafé Lemond looking like this eating breakfast:

Picture by lundatok in 7-eleven jersey.

Then down to work for a shower and bikewash. Awesome start of a wednesday 😀

Map and stats: Movescount


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