RIP Burry Stander

Working with Cannondale and it was discussions about baggy shorts, Sagan and the brothers Fontana and Fumic.

Working with Trek it was Jens Voigt and Slash.

Working with Specialized reminds me of two guys being both cool and serious and super fast before the Cannondale brothers. Oldest it’s Christoph Sauser that remembered the times at Cannondale using a road derailleur and pushing the weightlimits lower than everybody else. And then the guy that put Africa on the XC map, that lowered the stem lower than everybody and is cool enough to could have been racing for Cannondale now, Burry Stander.


2009 Epic special for Christoph Sauser a couple of days before the 2008 worlds (?) with a mount for a braze-on road derailleur like the Sram Red he used, saved like 50g.

On the other side Burry Stander who was killed by a taxi (?) driver 3rd January 2013. After starting working with Specialized I’m getting reminded of him and feel sorry for the hole XC sport and Cherise Stander.

We should all ride for Burry Stander on our mountainbikes the 3rd January. For him and all others killed by cardrivers while cycling.


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