Enduro is the hype, everyone talks about single chainring in front, Pike forks and a lot of damping. I changed my SuperX with a Specialized Enduro Elite 29er today and rocked the forest with some friends.

Roots, rocks, mud and a lot of water makes a big bike useful. Martin said to me once that I should lift my front wheel a bit for the coming drop. Followed him and did like he said but thought it just would be a drop, not a hole and big stone first so my heart got a bit further up but made it 😉 When you just can ride and the bike handles the rest it’s a lot more simpler than have to doing everything yourself and plan.

Great ride without pictures. Would have liked to see a video when we took a shortcut. Been riding around the place on Le Peloton with my cx but with an endurobike you can drop in and take a shortcut. Dropped down but wasn’t ready for the landing on a wet rock sliding sideways and the bike went all ways. Think I had time to think twice how to crash but stayed upright all the way. Sketchy 😉

Awesome ride with good people and really nice trails. Movescount

A guy that didn’t have an endurobike today is Julien Absalon. He crashed hard and broke a collarbone racing cx:



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