Le Snooze

When the alternatives is riding a bit later than usual with a fast friend or riding early and alone the answer was easy. Le Peloton 2 hours later with start at Specialized Concept Store.

Started with a two wheel slide as it was super icy this morning and I became a bit skeptical about riding with cx tubulars today. Talked with a commuter with studded tires on the way to SCS that didn’t have the best grip he either. A thin slippery layer everywhere.

Me and Patrik hoped it was better on the gravel and it was. mostly. On the smallest walking/running/cycling trails around Hellas it was great, dry and very fast. Coming out on the gravel road was another chapter. Was very hard, or a bit icy. Hard to see and feel the difference so went with a bit lower speed sometime but both stayed upright and no big slides.

Almost all the way. I went off the road on the way back on a very icy bit instead of crashing, stayed on my wheels and got back on the road pretty fast again. Sprinted passed a mtbiker in the end showing how to race on gravel 😉

Great start of the day with a lot of excitement 😉

Map and stats: Movescount

All to stay in some shape and dreaming of riding like Sanne van Paassen did earlier this year in Ronda. Warm with short-short on a mtb on a nice trail with great people 🙂 Best riding there is.


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