Happy Ride

No riding yesterday but today. Couldn’t miss a sunny weekend being just inside or outside walking. Stepped down a bit from Enduro to a Specialized Camber Evo 29er today, 120mm travel. 21mm longer chainstays, 20mm shorter wheelbase, 40mm less travel and 1,3° steeper head angle. A completly different bike.

Also like 15000kr less expensive. X9/X7, Reba RC fork and such things.

My biggest problem with the bike was to know which chainring to use, 36 or 22. Not used to two rings so used the 36t ring like 95% or maybe more 😉

Even with 21mm longer chainstay it felt way smaller and easier to ride up things with and it felt much more like a bike suiting me who is a lot more XC than DH and not used to the baggy full speed down style. A thing I also noticed was the 20mm lower bottom bracket, hit my pedals in things some times today before learning 😉

So back to the ride. 6 riders with great mood, great bikes and with the same goal (enjoy the sun) rode together from Hellasgården today. Aron guided mostly and seems to knows every trail so was great. But found some new trails we tried too. Was around 0° and was frozen on some places so hard to know where we had grip and where we didn’t. The roots where really slippery but my Specialized Butcher/Ground Control felt like a great combo and it was mostly depending on the rider (me) if I would come up things 😉

Only mechanical problem was Aron’s saddle that came loose and had to be tightened at a pause. Great after heard so many stories on people fixing bikes more than riding in Hellas 😉 The pause when Aron fixed his saddle:

Jessica and Jaime happy on their Enduros 😉 Jaime’s first ride on his Expert.

Really fun to ride great trails with great people and try a new bike and get to know new parts. (never used a Reba before)

The map where I rode without so many pauses as we had so a bit lower average speed than it was: Movescount

And to the end, a POLL that will come back some times more I guess about which mtb I should get. having big problems to decide. You find info about the bikes on Specialized.com


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