Getting ready for spring/cobbles

There is one thing seeing the spring classics on tv. Another thing riding them yourself and watching it live. I’m going to Belgium in april to do that 😀

Riding cobble stones with 40mm Mavic Cosmic Carbone Ultimate’s costing over 3000€ doesn’t feel so good, riding with 38mm cheap chinese carbon rims doesn’t feel so good either. You want more comfort and something to trust. Low profile alu rims with many good spokes, a great hub and then just glue a super big tire on too it is the way to go.

Was looking to build a pair but hubs costs a fortune if you got the options Tune or DT 240. So I found a used set 😀

Tune Mig/Mag hubs in right colour. Silver DT Competition spokes (28/32) and then the most beautiful low profile alu rims made in modern time, Ambrosio Crono F20.

1409g for the wheelset feels pretty good and this I can trust no matter which weather or how big the cobbles are. On the picture I tried to mount a Vittoria Pavé 27mm tire too, will measure and compare with a Vittoria Corsa SC 25mm tomorrow 😀

Looking forward to a colourful 2015


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