the sunday of cyclocross

Started the day with a long sleep. Really nice to just sleep until you wake up yourself and then a bit more 🙂 Easy morning and then I used my winter riding jacket, shoecovers and lobsters for the first time this winter. minus degrees outside and 3h on the schedule. Rode in to work to meet Jessica and we left for Hellas, Erstavik and many gravel roads in the sun. Beautiful day to ride in the sun with blue sky and not to fast. Great in all ways. Except I forgot to take a picture to share with you.

Nice with my winter jacket and lobsters today too, took some time to learn to ride a cx with Campagnolo levers with lobsters but worked fine. And my Assos Fugu jacket was almost too warm with just a thin underjersey underneath 😉

But here I/we rode: Movescount

And as picture you can see Kevin Pauwels take the victory at the CX World Cup in Namur today. Haven’t seen the women’s race yet so don’t know who won. Will see that later this evening I hope.



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