Specialized Epic S-Works World Cup 2015 8,48kg

Got a question about this bike and found some more pictures of it:



MCFK stem and handlebar. Sram XX1 twister with Lizard Skin grips. Formula R1 Racing of course.


Tune Blackfoot crankset with a matching Absolute Black spiderless chainring seems to be the lightest crankoption on the market.


MCFK saddle and seatpost too.

10888728_925083400842883_5507985897275670430_n 10891490_925083607509529_1576057314434326045_n

Chris King matchning bearings. 5 year warranty.10897880_925083574176199_8360247549756639659_n

Tune 15mm QR on the front. AX-Lightness SRT CC tubular rims with 50mm A. Dugast Fastbird. Tune Prince/Princess Skyline or Extralite hubs I guess.

Hope rotors is a bit strange but lighter than Formula.

That’s all I know about this superlight 29er fs.

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