The best Sundayride

of 2015. Around 0° and no snow. the trails where very hardpack today with some small places with ice. Super fast and super fun. Thought for a while that I had too little air in my tires with just 1,5bar but no snakebites and super grip made me not change it. Rode with these great guys:

The Enduropeople and Lisa with her Rumor Evo in the background.

I borrowed a Specialized Camber Evo from Specialized Concept Store and used a bit more pressure today so it was as good as it gets. With a Phenom test saddle to try, really nice saddle that suited me well 🙂 Turned the stem around to so the bar position felt great but think 720mm handlebar would be better suited for me on such bike than 750mm that is original on the Evo.

Can’t describe how good it was today so will show you instead, first a picture of Jaime:

Here comes some more photos, from Patrik:



jessica falling stylish:

IMG_0704 jessica





Lisa and Jessica:

lisa och jessica


lisa lisa1

The coffee shop in Hammarby Sjöstad:


Patrik, the one who knows how to ride cool:

patrik patrik1


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