The trails here in Stockholm is so hard now so if you just keep away from the icy parts it’s super fast and fun. With a bike like Specialized Camber Evo it brings a lot fun too. Thought of the difference between Trek Fuel EX and Specialized Camber Evo today, 120mm full suspension 29″ bikes in the same price range but a big difference. By Trek I liked the Remedy a lot more but from Specialized the Camber feels fun.

Rode with the Kangas brothers today too and while normally be inspired by Patrik’s technical skills Oliwer and Alexander really stepped up a level, really impressive to see how they handle their bikes on the trails. When I see obstacles and problems they find great lines, really smooth.

Then they left back home and we continued, same guys as on sunday but with company by Emil too. Jaime and Patrik:

Lisa, Emil and Jessica:

More ice on some places:

If you want to see where we rode you will find it here: Movescount

Great day and maybe the end of the good winter now as it should come some rain 😦

I also found the frame for me this year, now it’s just to hope it can be bought as it’s normally only available in USA, Specialized Camber S-Works:


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