Epic vs. Camber frameweight

When i’m choosing a bike weight always matters. Would never get a heavy frame even if it’s good, like a Banshee when heard about their weights. But thought of Specialized Epic or Camber. The Epic is very common and maybe not known for the lightest bike it maybe is the best XC full suspension bike at the moment. Their cheapest carbon Epic frame is now 2015 2,49kg (M) incl damper. Not heavy and not light, nothing special. The S-Works World Cup is 2,29kg (L) so it’s a bit of weightsaving there 🙂

Anyone know real weights of like say Scott Spark 700/900 or BMC like Julien Absalon won the Worlds on?

The Camber I’ve been looking at is the Elite Carbon version. Got everything at a reasonable price. Frame looking like this:

As it looks on the picture with a rear X-12 axle, headset and seatclamp it’s 2,54kg (M). Same carbon as in the Epic Comp. It has 110mm of travel instead of Epic’s 100 and is built more like an allround bike and not just for XC racing like an Epic. But doesn’t have the Brain rear damper. And if you want it’s easy to save some more weight on this frameset. Can change to a lighter seatclamp but biggest thing. Using an X-12 axle instead of DT would save around 25g:

This a frame or a bike type more should get. All good trailbike that can be raced with 😀

5 tankar på “Epic vs. Camber frameweight

  1. Får man plats med annat än en enda liten flaska i den ramen?
    Känns inte som någon bra ram för långloppen i sommar.


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