Mavic Zxellium Ultimate vs Specialized S-Works Road

New season, new shoes? Not really as I used my Mavic shoes 2 seasons 😉

600g including my Time cleats. Really light shoe with maybe the markets best ventilation. When getting a pair of Specialized S-Works shoes I thought they would be heavier, but the scale tells the truth:

Including Time cleats too. And other soles to stabilize my feets better. Always nice with an upgrade that saves weight 🙂 size 41 1/3 on the Mavic shoes and 42,5 on the Specializedshoes. Fits my feets both so a bit different in sizing. Using 42 in Sidi for comparsion.

If you want to buy my Mavic shoes that are in really good condition as you can see. Write a comment or send me an e-mail to


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