handlebar changes

Last year I used a supergood Deda Superleggera handlebar. Light, great bend and just really good. Sold it when I sold my bike and got a Deda Campione used:

Classic bend like I use on my cx but in carbon and supposed to be under 200g. Wasn’t and after doing a Body Geometry fit last tuesday we came up with that the handlebar didn’t suit me.

Thought of getting a S-Works Shallow handlebar but wasn’t available until late april in my size 😦

Have been looking around for a matching handlebar with good weight and for a good price all evening today and finally found it. And it’s matching my seatpost. Engage Apsis Race:

And as AX-Lightness who is owning the brand is stopped the production as they just focus on high-end German made parts it was on sale 🙂

Also found the handlebar that I want most but 498€ was a bit too much. AX-Lightness 4200 Ergo:

160g 😀


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