winterride deluxe

Sure, summer with dry roads and warm weather is the best but a sunny snowy winter isn’t that bad 😉

Today me, Jessica and Jaime went out with Marika and Majken for a snowy mtbride. Marika and Majken rode alone as they thought it was better so me, Jessica and Jaime rode together the rest. A lot of XCskiers close to Hellas but when we came away from that it was pretty awesome. Super snowy gravelroads and some pretty nice singletracks at the sea. Not all so flat and big and easy rideable like here when we had to stop in the sun for a picture or two:

And me (notice the horse):

It was cyclists, walking people, XCskiers and horses out on the roads today. Testrode an Specialized Epic Comp Carbon too. It’s quiet a difference between that and a Camber Evo but for today the Epic was better. Pretty nice with a Brain damper too and not have to think about settings on the rear damper. Jessica rode her S-Works Era with a Rock Shox RS-1 with Brain, that’s luxury. I would prefer Brain front and rear if I would have bought an Epic too. 🙂

Map and stats: Movescount

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