Le Peloton

Wednesday morning again and time for Le Peloton this morning. 8 riders to start, more and more now 🙂 rode the same roadlap as last week. Started with the fastest but stopped a bit after getting dropped and waited for the grupetto. Rode with them and felt great all ride. Don’t know if it’s me or the bike. Riding my CX is a bit hard as the bike just want to go fast 😉 Sprinted up a ”climb” to make the bike a bit happier. 😀 Ended with a nice breakfast at Cykelcafé Lemond as usual. Great start of a weekday, should do it more often than just once a week now.

At the start:

And map and stats: Movescount. Looks like last week but went a bit faster this week. Better roads now.


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