too wet sundayride

Next winter I will have disc brakes, and fenders, studded tires when needed.

Was supposed to be 4 riders today but 2 didn’t come because of the weather. Snowed last night and was plus degrees so melted and it was wet everywhere. Didn’t stop me and Sara for a 4h ride. Rode out to Ingarö and around there for the first time, always nice with new roads but today it would have been nicer to lay in the sofa and watch a movie instead. Looked like this:

And I tried a selfie again. If you press the picture to get it bigger you can see my phone and Sara in my glasses 😉

When we came back to Sickla Sara didn’t have enough time so steered towards Älta to get some extra time. Sara turned around after 7-8min but I thought it was funnier to continue than going back and same way home. Continued to Älta and Sköndal on my way home. 🙂

Home with dirty clothes and feets that didn’t like me at all 😉 But 4h45min on a februaryday is nice 🙂 Map and stats here: Movescount


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