like christmas but slippery

You know when you ride a mtb and it’s wet on all trails and the roots and some rocks are just slippery. Everything sucks and you just to want to go home and lay in the sofa again. Today was such a day.

But, I met up with two friends who met up with 4 more riders and we went out riding and having fun 😀 Really fun to try my new bike today even if I did a lot of mistakes and was far from the fastest. Had a very average bike today when some rode Enduro bikes and some XC bikes 😉

A pause:

The Camber was awesome as I planned, except from the fork. I didn’t know what to expect but when riding on roots, stones and the fork had to work hard it was pure magic. Should be compared to a Rock Shox SID but is more in class with a Pike. Turned the compression to harder on the first asphalt climb but then turned it softer and then I never touched it. So worth it 🙂

Other magic things is to come back to a bike with a Command post with the SRL (Single Ring Lever) that works like a front derailleur, so smooth and got used a lot today.

Great people to ride with and Martin, me and Lina ended it all with a great coffee at Specialized Concept Store. Then I washed my beauty:

Great start of a slippery saturday. Now I just have to get some speed and hope for more dry trails 😉

Map and stats of the ride: Movescount


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