International Womens day

No matter how much I write here about women cycling it will only be a small thing that no one notices. It’s strange. Sweden got one of the best women cyclists in the world, always there for the win. But never in Swedish TV, Emma Johansson should be the cyclist to show on TV, don’t have a male cyclist close to her but they even send races without Swedes on TV. Strange.

On mtb we have had a World Champion and World Cup winner. Got two swedes that feels they failed when they missed the podium. But no one knows about Alexandra Engen and Jenny Rissveds except if you’re really into cycling.

I think we should show and share what’s best and the ones who does the best results no matter of gender. It should depend on result, not on gender in sports.

So today I share a video from the XC race today in Amathos on Cyprus where Nathalie Schneitter who I saw win a World Cup in front of her home crowd 4 years ago. Video from Ghost Factory Racing and Lisi Osl:

And let’s make a difference. Every human being is worth the same so let’s treat everyone good and not just one type.


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