The spring is here and I’m out :D

2 digit temperature and the sun was out today. Perfect day to try my Allez and perfect day to go to Ösmo and have a great fika (Swedish word for a coffee and something to eat). The only bad thing today was the wind, a lot of it, at least if you’re not strong as Kwiatkowski.

Rode with a nice group from bikecafé Le Mond and my friend Jaime joined up too. Headwind down to Ösmo on flat open roads. After the break we where 6 riders who went riding back to Stockholm, the other took the train and tailwind on great small roads going up and down was really fun. Roads that invites to attacks, sprints and just to go fast. Until you get a hammer 😉 Fortunately we had a guy that wasn’t so fast with us so had to wait for him sometimes, good for me 🙂

The bike felt good and great to ride on and attack. But not so fast with my superlow wheels and wide tires. Not an aerobike, but I’m not an aero rider so suits me good.

Enough with text, here comes some pictures from Kalle, Oscar, me and maybe someone else from today:

1901704_10153160552449066_8592243692597836029_n 10365726_10153160552354066_2466737617714242940_n 10926217_10153160552314066_333437682695768137_n 10988469_10152675844630950_9103444257819036436_o 11024651_10153212803414905_8827970644443541989_n 11025988_10153160552399066_6543493571677797599_n 11029561_10153212803459905_5278220284603097632_n 11038126_10153160552504066_2608302268805815488_n 11057389_10153160246264066_5426618824314122136_n

Rode almost all Café du Cycliste clothes today 😉 But have to invest in some new shoecovers I saw this morning. Style is important.

Map and stats: Movescount



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