the bikemood

Bikes can get you in a certain mood. Take commuters for example, if you’re on a hybrid with fast gears and flat bar you go pretty fast and want to pass all slow bikeriders and pedestrians, sometimes pass red redlights. An older women/man on a standard bike never does that, they just cruise and doesn’t harm anyone.

The bike that got me thinking of this is the Specialized Era. The womens bike for rides who want to race as fast as possible on a mtb. Like Annika Langvad. But there are 2 riders that I think of. The most smiling person I know in Stockholm and the only one I know riding an Era, Jessica Claren:

And the other one is cyclocrossrider who started to ride and compete a lot on mtb too, mostly stage races. Sanne van Paassen:

Both are always smiling, both are riding Specialized Era (both Specialized Crux too but not the point).

How is with your bikemood? Are you a mirror of your bike or why not?


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